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To register and use the pharmacy services provided by Pharmacy Care Matters is FREE! Simply click here to complete our convenient consultation form or contact us on 0800 848 8801 and speak to one our pharmacy staff.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday      09.00 to 18.00

Saturday & Sunday   10.00 to 14.00

When we are closed we have an out of hours emergency pharmacy service for our registered patients.


Questions & Answers

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Why is it important to take my medications exactly as my doctor prescribed them?

Your good health is the answer. Your doctor wants the prescribed medications to work as well as they can for you. If you don’t take them the right way, your symptoms could get worse. Or, it could lead to a hospital stay or a nursing home admission.

How does Pharmacy Care Matters keep my medicines organised?

Your daily medicines are dispensed into a customised monitored dosage system, a calendar-style blister card. For each dose time (morning, noon, evening and bedtime) and day of the week, there is a pre-filled, plastic blister of medicines for you to take. The empty blisters provide a visual reminder of when you took the last dose. Alternatively, they can be dispensed in conventional medicine bottles and cartons.

How much Pharmacy Care Matters pharmacy service cost?

It’s FREE! There are no additional costs to use our pharmacy service.

How much medicine comes in each monitored dosage system?

Each monitored dosage system holds seven days of medicine. You’ll receive four monitored dosage systems each month.  Is it hard to open the blisters? No. It’s easy to poke through the foil on the back of the clear, plastic blister. Then empty the contents of the blister into your hand.

Can my vitamins, supplements and other regular over-the-counter medicines dose be added to the monitored dosage system?

Yes. During your personal consultation, the pharmacist or nurse will review all of the medicines you take. This includes your prescription medicines and any over-the-counter vitamins, supplements or other medicines that form part of your daily medication regimen.

What happens if one of my prescription medicines change mid-month?

Call Pharmacy Care Matters. We’ll pick up your monitored dosage systems, update them with the new medicines and deliver them back to your home.

How do I know I am getting the right medication in my monitored dosage system?

A registered pharmacist will work with you and your doctor to verify all medicines, doses, timing of doses, and directions. The pharmacist will ensure that medicines don’t interact with one another. This is especially important if more than one doctor is prescribing medicines for you. Then the pharmacist will organise the medicines in the monitored dosage system according to your doctor’s directions.

How do I order my medicines?

We remind our patients when their prescriptions require re-ordering so you do not run out of your medicines. With your permission we order and collect your prescriptions from your doctor’s surgery. We’ll communicate closely with your doctor so that your medications stay up-to-date with your doctor’s orders.

How will I receive my monitored dosage system?

Pharmacy Care Matters will deliver it to your home for free.

What if I have questions about my medicines?

Call Pharmacy Care Matters on 0800 848 8801.  A pharmacist is available to answer your questions.