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To register and use the pharmacy services provided by Pharmacy Care Matters is FREE! Simply click here to complete our convenient consultation form or contact us on 0800 848 8801 and speak to one our pharmacy staff.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday      09.00 to 18.00

Saturday & Sunday   10.00 to 14.00

When we are closed we have an out of hours emergency pharmacy service for our registered patients.


Healthcare Professionals

Pharmacy Care Matters provides a complete pharmacy service for your patients.  We are a non-retail pharmacy, therefore we concentrate solely on providing a personalised pharmacy service rather than retail sales. 

Pharmacy Care Matters supports patients by providing a high quality pharmacy service to their home which is completely integrated across primary and social care.

We put the patient at the centre of what we do and tailor our Community Pharmacy Service around the patient.  Pharmacy Care Matters initially perform an assessment on the patient to identify what support they require so we can provide a pharmacy service that best meets the needs of the patient.  The patient's needs are at the heart of the assessment.  The patient is regularly reviewed to ensure we are best meeting their pharmacy needs.  We will encourage patients to take greater responsibility for their own health and quality of life.

We can help patients (adults and children) who are on simple or complicated medicine regimens, have long-term medical conditions, immobile, elderly or suffering from mental ill health, confusion or dementia.

Pharmacy Care Matters pharmacy service is organised, convenient and free.

If your patient could benefit from Pharmacy Care Matters pharmacy service, simply complete the convenient consultation form or call us on 0800 848 8801 and speak to our pharmacist or nurse.  Alternatively, you can send your patient a link. 

Pharmacy Care Matters can help patients in many ways:

(To find out more about any of these services, click on the titles below) 

Patient Assessment

A pharmacist or nurse will assess the patient’s pharmacy needs, which will allow us to tailor a pharmacy service that best meets the needs of the patient.  

The patient assessment includes how we can best help the patient to take their medicines better, for example, monitored dosage system, non clic-lock tops, eye dropper aid, larger label print etc. We regularly review the patient and adapt to patients changing needs.  We will encourage patients to take greater responsibility for their own health and quality of life.

We work with healthcare professionals and where appropriate we also involve carers/ family members.

Prescription Reminder, Order and Collection

We remind patients when their prescriptions require ordering so they do not run out of their medicines.  We also check with the patient which medicines they require particularly ‘when required’ medicines to reduce medicine wastage.

We order repeat prescriptions for patients and collect prescriptions from the doctor’s surgery or the patient’s home. 

Delivery Service

We deliver medicines to the patient’s home.  Medicines will be delivered by Pharmacy Care Matters' vehicles.  Drivers wear plain uniforms and carry photo-id cards.  The pharmacist or nurse will deliver the medicines to the patient if they require special instructions or a demonstration on how to use a prescribed device.

Monitored Dosage System (MDS)

We can dispense medicines in a colour coded monitored dosage system (MDS), which help patients remember when to take their medicines. 


If carers administer the patients medicines we will dispense the medicines in a colour coded monitored dosage system (MDS) and supply MAR charts which are colour coded so it is easy to identify when the medicine is to be administered.  It also minimises any administration errors by carers. 

We can also supply an MDS with detachable blisters so if your patient is going out they don't have to take all their medicines with them, but just detach the number of blisters required and simply pop them in their bag!

We offer an Automated Pill Dispenser (to purchase) which sounds an alarm when it is time for the patient to take their medicines. We will collect, dispense and deliver it to the patient's home for free.

We will also soon be introducing a Liquid Monitored Dosage System.


Monitor Medicine Adherence

We can monitor the patient’s adherence to their prescribed medicines and send a report to the referring healthcare professional.  If there is an adherence issue the pharmacist or nurse will assess the patient and find out the reasons for the non-adherence and suggest possible solutions.

Hospital Discharge Pharmacy Service

When a patient is discharged from hospital their medicines may have changed, which can be very confusing and could affect the patient’s adherence to treatment.  In hospital nursing staff administer patient’s medicines but when the patient is discharged they are left to manage on their own, which can be very daunting for the patient.  Pharmacy Care Matters will visit the patient after discharge from hospital and discuss and explain any changes to their medicines, ensuring a seamless transfer of care.  We will check the dosage schedules fit with the patient’s life style, the formulations are appropriate and show the patient how to use any new devices.

Reduce Medicine Wastage

Medicine wastage is a serious and growing problem within the NHS.  We help patients or carers order their repeat prescriptions so they only order medicines which they require so preventing stockpiling of medicines at their home.

Medicines Training for Carers

We understand carers have a need for training.  For patients who have social care we provide medicines training to their carer’s. 


Medicine Use Reviews (MUR’s)

We perform annual Medicine Use Reviews, which consist of:

  1. Does the patient understand why they are using the medicine?
  2. Provide more information on the use of the medicine.
  3. Access if the formulation is appropriate?
  4. Is the patient suffering any adverse effects?
  5. Assess the risk of falling and report back to their doctor if necessary.

In addition, the pharmacist will synchronise all medicines so they all start/ run out at the same time and take away any unwanted medicines.

New Medicines Service (NMS)

We offer the New Medicines Service (NMS).  The NMS provides early support to patients to maximise the benefits of new medicine they have been prescribed.  The NMS can be provided to patients who have been newly prescribed a medicine in one of the following conditions/ therapy areas:

  • Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Type 2 diabetes Antiplatelet/ anticoagulation therapy
  • Hypertension

Our pharmacist will review your Service User to see how they are getting on with their new medicine and answer any questions. 

NHS Repeat Prescription Service

We offer the NHS Repeat Prescription Service.  The majority of prescriptions dispensed are for long-term repeat medication.  Repeat dispensing offers an alternative way for patients with long-term conditions to obtain repeat supplies of their medicines from their pharmacy without the need to contact their GP practice every time a new prescription is needed.  Under these arrangements, a patient may only need to renew a repeatable prescription and to contact their surgery once each year.  Repeat Prescription Service will reduce the GP practice work load, increase patient convenience and reduce medicine waste.

Out Of Hours Pharmacy Support

If patients have any concerns and require pharmacy support when we are closed we have an out of hours emergency pharmacy service for patients who are registered with Pharmacy Care Matters.