Pharmacy Care Matters

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To register and use the pharmacy services provided by Pharmacy Care Matters is FREE! Simply click here to complete our convenient consultation form or contact us on 0800 848 8801 and speak to one our pharmacy staff.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday      09.00 to 18.00

Saturday & Sunday   10.00 to 14.00

When we are closed we have an out of hours emergency pharmacy service for our registered patients.


Community Pharmacy

Pharmacy Care Matter’s supports patients by providing a high quality pharmacy service to their home.  We focus on delivering our pharmacy services to patients with long-term medical conditions, patients with mental ill health and the elderly.

At Pharmacy Care Matter’s we respect patients as individuals and aim to meet their individual pharmacy needs.  Therefore, we design our Community Pharmacy Service around the requirements of the individual patient.  Our aim is to improve our patients’ quality of life, medicine adherence and the therapeutic benefit they gain from their medicines. We try to empower our patients to take responsibility of their medicines.

We remove the worry of medicines from our patient’s lives.

We initially perform an assessment on our patients so we can dispense their medicines in a way that best meets their needs.  For patients who are on many medicines or struggle to remember when to take their medicines, we can make it simple and easy by dispensing their medicines in a monitored dosage system (MDS), which help patients remember when to take their medicines.  We can also put the patients picture on the label.  If carers administer the patients medicines we will supply MAR charts with the patient's picture, which are colour coded so it is easy to identify when the medicine is to be administered.  It also minimises any administration errors by carers.


Our pharmacy service is organised, convenient and free. 

Is Pharmacy Care Matters right for you?

  • I have more than one prescription medicine that I take each day.
  • I have a long-term medical condition, for example, diabetes, heart disease, mental ill health, high blood pressure, arthritis etc.
  • I sometimes forget to take my medicines.
  • I spend significant time organising my prescription medicines.
  • I have been admitted to the hospital because I made a mistake with taking my medicines.
  • I depend on a family member, carer or friend to organise my medicines for me. 

If you answered yes to one or more statements above then please simply complete our convenient consultation form or call 0800 848 8801 to find out more about our pharmacy service during a personal consultation with a pharmacist or nurse.

Please click here to view the results of our 2018 Community Pharmacy Patient questionnaire.